What You’ll Learn

1. Your Family's Success

Learn the Four Keys for Family Success. These keys are important for all relationships, but especially between parents and how they interact with their child(ren).

2. Skills for Strong Communication

Learn how to navigate the communication danger signs in relationships and how to put the brakes on toxic communication habits.

3. Under the Surface

Learn how to deal with situations when deeper feelings break through to the surface of your relationship. Gain knowledge, skills, and support so you can dive deeper into the expectations and core needs at the heart of every conflict.

4. Strengthening Our Foundation

Explore the role of trust, forgiveness and friendship in two contexts: the health and happiness of your infant, and couple relationships.

5. Managing Me

There are often unexpected negative emotions (jealousy, anger, stress) that come with a new baby. Learn strategies for managing those emotions so they don’t negatively affect others. Prioritize the need for fun as the glue that bonds you as a couple while you weather the storms of new parenthood.

6. Teammates

Grow together as a team. Learn how to manage family finances (the #1 issue couples fight about), how to specifically voice a complaint or praise so your partner can hear it, and how to effectively problem-solve.

7. Bringing Your A-Game

Parenting can take it out of you. Explore ways to work as a team with your partner to get the self-care time we all need to recharge our batteries, and how you can combat fatigue as parents.

8. Safety and Boot Camp

Share your concerns, fears and expectations about parenthood and receive encouraging guidance from each other, from the facilitator and from other parents  who have real world experience.

9. Web of Support

Look outside of your immediate family and develop a healthy network of friends and community resources to support you in your role as a parent.

10. Manage Work and Family

Create a plan for how you will handle the big and small issues like work, childcare, household chores and daily feedings. This plan will reduce stress, anger and conflict.

11. You Have What it Takes

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have what it takes; but you do! Learn your family’s five basic needs and uncover what each person brings to the relationship.

12. Our Future

Dream about the future with your partner and see how the keys, skills and information you have learned has equipped you to be great parents as well as
great partners.