David Kimmel

David Kimmel is the Director for Center-Based Services and the Program Director for Family Expectations, (FE).  Kimmel has worked with Public Strategies for 11 years, helping craft and lead FE, which has led the nation in healthy marriage and relationship education.

“FE boasts an amazing and diverse group of people, all interested in helping others grow and do well,” Kimmel says. “I get satisfaction from knowing that we are helping families change their life and their legacy.”

Dr. Kimmel has a long history of public service, working with University of Oklahoma leading their distance educational efforts to military members and their families globally. Additionally, he served in the Army for 21 years and is now a town trustee for Carlton Landing. Dr. Kimmel earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in 2001 and is also a trained life coach and certified Family and Divorce mediator.